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Monday, January 23, 2012

First Follow-up Post Chemo & Hospital Stay

Very long day....but now that I am finally settled in my hospital bed (10:25pm), I'll try to recount the events of today.

My appointment with Doc Esther was at 1pm today.  My blood count (napir) was great and I got the opportunity to ask her a lot of questions.

First on the list was my port and the fact that I had deep blue veins showing through my skin.  It was still tender and sore.  Once she examined me, she decided to have an ultrasound done to check for blood clots.  Her assistant got it set up for 4:00 today and the work order said "Hold patient".  So, I wasn't going anywhere until the test was read and my doctor reviewed it.  So, I waited in the waiting room (good name to call the room) until I got antsy around 5:20p and asked them if I could go home.  The receptionist said my doctor is calling me on the hallway phone.  Doc Esther said that there were blood clots and that she wanted me to report to admitting in the main hospital.  Whaaa???? I wasn't ready for that! No overnight bag....what about my car?.....what about my husband?  (you should call him, she said).....my head is swimming (I know that, dear, but you just need to go to the admitting desk and they will take care of you).

I called Matt to tell him and he quickly made arrangements to get to the hospital.  Jasmine was with him as she was coming over for dinner tonight.  My brother-in-law dropped them off at the hospital so Matt could take my car back home (good thinking sis).  They arrived while I was still in the lobby waiting for my transportation.  We decided to get dinner at the cafe since I would be missing the dinner hour on the floor.  Salad was great ~

While we waited, Doc Esther walked by, saw me, and stopped to explain further what was going to happen.  Cumadine takes too long to take effect in the body, so in the meantime, I am to get shots of Lovenox in my belly. They have kits and will teach us how to self administer twice a day in the belly for five days.  Wow, what a turn of events!

So, I finally got settled in.  Family has gone home. Meds have been given. Shot has been given. Now, I've just settled back with the laptop that mom & Tommy got and listening to the constant beep in the hallway. 

The pharmacist will be here in the morning to show us how to administer the shot.  After that, I should be able to go home. 

I did call the doctor's office Friday about the port, but was told it was normal.  I mentioned that I didn't want to call and bug and Doc said "you have to be a bitch. you have to nag"  So, next time, I'm going to press harder because I did know something was "off" in my body. 

Some of the other questions:

1) pH balance and vitamin supplements (specially Vitamin D): Doc wasn't very keen on either ideas.  She said the kidneys already did a fabulous job of balancing the body.  If I drink milk, then I am probably getting enough Vit D.  Always room for better food intake and I know I need to do better in this area. Feedback?

2) Talked about the bone-crushing effects and the neuropathy. Doc said that each chemo treatment would have a different level of pain and symptoms each time.  She agreed to change my pain meds. (relief)

3) Talked about chemo and radiation treatment....staying on course? or any changes?  5 more treatments, plus 11 more for the Herceptin.  Then radiation.  Any chance we can cancel the radiation? "not a chance, there would be a 40% chance of canzer coming  back if we don't". hmmmmm

My notes are out in the car,  but this is what I remember so far.

My night nurse, Ashley, has been great.  She is personable and told me about her mother's experience (6 years survivor and doing well).  Her brother is studying pharmaceuticals in Germany and you can tell how proud she is of him.

Getting tired, so I'll sign off for now.  I'll certainly keep you posted!
Sleep well ~


  1. I am glad that they are going to up your pain meds! It's time to push for what you want..be a b**** mom lol Recover soon and have fun giving yourself a shot. ewww

  2. Wow Carol!!! As if you haven’t been through enough already. So thankful you are a pro-active patient and were able to catch the potential problem with your port placement. The blood thinner, stomach shots do not sound like fun but are probably minor compared to some of the other tests and treatments you’ve already been through. I’m hoping you’ll get a quick release from the hospital and can convalesce in the comfort of your home. Keep bitching and nagging, that’s what those docs get paid for. ~ JM


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