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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Garden Angel... Guardian Angel


Look!  A garden angel was outside your house. Lucky you. What surprise is waiting for you in the weeks and months to come as summer grows closer?

My sister and her husband (who took the picture and wrote the message), came to my house Saturday and planted some flowers! I have angels all around me!

When she was done, she came in to comfort me.  I had been crying all day (remember that depression I said I was over? well....) Oh my gosh, if I could just pull things together!!  If I could just stop crying!!  It's all stemming from a set of losses in my life.

I'm also realizing that my chemo drug is suppressing my hormones, shot me into menopause, and my emotions are absolutely everywhere.  What a mess.... and did I mention the night sweats? How can I relieve them when I'm not suppose to have estrogen therapy?  My husband is convinced the cancer came when I started taking Premarin. (which I wrote about earlier)

I'm venting again.  Remember, blogging is a way to "get it off your chest". A way to seek help from others.  Which, I'm thinking it might be time for me to find a local support group.

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