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Saturday, December 24, 2011

My Own Personal Summer

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There sure has been a lot of medical issues this year.  Almost started to feel like a hypochondriac.  The main one that I wanted to tell you about:  In January, my GYN found a mass on my left ovary.  We decided to remove the ovary and while he was in, check the right one.  (it was fine) Three nice little holes mark the spot.  The mass was benign and life started to get back to normal. 

About a month later, the hot flashes began.  I had experienced this before. At 40,  I was seeking medical treatment for endometriosis and went through the treatments of depo-provera and lupron. http://women.webmd.com/endometriosis/high-dose-progestin-for-endometriosis  Let me tell you, instant menopause of "volcanic eruptions" or what I also call "my own personal summer".  The endo was finally relieved by a partial hysterectomy.  I didn't need to have estrogen therapy because I kept my ovaries.  But back to what I want to mention to you .....

After the removal of my left ovary, came "my own personal summer".  I hated it! I tried a herbal cream to no avail and even though a good friend advised against the estrogen, I called my doctor for relief.  He prescribed Premarin.  http://www.webmd.com/drugs/drug-76336-Premarin+Oral.aspx?drugid=76336&drugname=Premarin+Oral&source=1

When my cancer doctor saw that I was taking Premarin, she said to discontinue it as soon as I could...if not immediately.  This causes the cancer to grow.  Wow.  I stopped that day.

So please, talk to your doctor if you are taking estrogen.

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