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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2014 - The Year of Adventure

It has been a while since writing on the blog.  I just moved some posts from In This Together BCS to my original blog .... so you will see about 7 of them that actually belong in the year 2013.  I'm not sure if I'll continue writing (not sure if anyone is reading), but I wanted to combine my posts because I can turn my blog into a book.  I thought this would be a nice keepsake.

I have to look at my timeline to really remember the "whens" and "whats" of the past 2-1/2 years.

December 2011 - Diagnosed

2012 - Treatment

2013 - Recovery

and now we come to 2014 .... I have decided to call it the year of adventure!  I want to DO something! I want to explore! I want to take my camera and capture unique and beautiful things through my lens! I want to check off things from my bucket list!  Even though my pain has returned (same as when I was on Arimidex), I want to do these things.

What do YOU want to do?

Oh, hey, check out my beautiful sister, Christie ~ A picture of health!

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  1. How awesome for you to make 2014 The Year of Adventure. I did the same with 2010 and got the adventure of a lifetime...cancer. lol. I laugh now because...well...why not? I'm so glad you are on the other side of treatment. Although from the other posts I just read, I am aware you have been battling nasty side effects for your estrogen blocking meds. Same here. Working out and eating as clean as I possibly can have been the only way I have found relief. And I mean...clean, clean eating. Not always the easiest and most practical thing to do. :-)

    I have been reading. And now I'm commenting. I hope you will continue to post. By the way, your sister "friended" me on Facebook last week. I would love for us to be friends as well. If you are willing???

    Praying...as I have been...for continued health for both of you!!!


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