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This is just a way to express my thoughts as I walk this path and journey through as a breast canSURVIVOR.

Make cancer mad, just piss it off by misspelling it..... like "canzer"

In remission ~ December 2012

Invasive Moderately Differentiated Ductal Carcinoma T1cN0M0 Stage 1

Estrogen receptor-positive cancer - Here is how it began

Thursday, November 29, 2012


It is hard to imagine that a year ago my journey began.  Nov 28, I had my annual mammogram. Dec 1, went in for the diagnostic, ultrasound, and biopsy.  The diagnosis was confirmed Dec 7.

Where did 2012 go?
Better yet, where was I in 2012?


  1. Happy CANSERversary Carol.

    While a year may have passed in a chemo brain fog of doctor’s appointments, diagnostics testing and chemo treatments, realize how far you have come and all that you have accomplished. You’ve taken major steps in conquering your canser and have set a stellar example for your sister and others to follow in fighting their diseases. Through your blogs you have provided inspiration and encouragement to more than you know. You have been through a lot and have persevered with style and grace. I offer you hope and good healing in the days ahead. As ever, you are in my thoughts and prayers because (dammit!) you are one of the good ones!!

    Peace & wellness,


    1. Awe, shucks, Joe! That is so nice of you! I confess though, all the inspiration, encouragement, style and grace comes straight from God. Otherwise, you would be reading about a whiny, scared, negative patient.

      Truly, my desire is to help others ... this is one way that I can :)


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