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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Another Kitty

Check out my sister's re-design by merging 3 of her blogs into one fantastic, beautiful, informational site! http://teachteenparents.blogspot.com/  Very creative Christie.

Heather, where is your blog??? well, I might take you up on the research items from pininterest and such.  I'm looking for a neat thingy-a-bob to hold my earrings.  (hope school is going well for you!)

So, about the time we brought the two kitties in from outside, the momma showed up skinny again.  We figure she gave birth around Sept 21.  We looked everywhere for the litter, even thinking they were under our front porch.  Couldn't find them.  Lots of raccoons have been stalking our property.

Today, Momma brought her one and only on the front porch inside the carpeted kitty play station.   

It is all white and barely has it's eyes open.

Momma trusts us ... now we need to come up with some $$ to get her fixed. She is a neighborhood stray.

Still thinking about what to do with my blog .....


  1. Momma looks like she's saying "Y'alls good peoples, thanks for babysitting!"

  2. I like this idea because then you can pick it up and move it. Also you can spray paint it any color!


  3. Oh how cute! I'm glad Momma brought this one on the porch. Should be safer. Can't wait to see what you come up with for your blog. I enjoy changing the design as much as writing new posts. Always a work in progress.

    1. Any ideas on what I should write about? Or do you think everyone is done reading?


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