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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Two More Additions

This morning we got up for church and I got a "jump" start to my day.  I pulled the shower curtain aside and to my shock (and horror) there were two wolf spiders side by side.

The size of camels ... I mean half dollars
Matt! I know you don't like spiders any more than I do, but bring your big shoes and get 'em!  Trust me, I was looking EVERYWHERE all morning getting ready.  Now, how DO they get in the house?  Beats me ~
The weekend went by fast again.  I'm getting ready for a short nap, but wanted to post some happenings.
Remember the little ones that were born in our garage?  Well, husband has been feeding them, petting them, naming them
So, you know what I'm going to say next ....
Yep, they are in the tub right now getting bathed.  Say hello to

Muffin (as in Rag-a-muffin)

Here's the momma

If you read the tab "All About Me", you will see our motley crew.  We are a sucker for strays.....


  1. I knew you'd give in! Momma cat picked the right house for sure! I can't wait to come visit them.

    1. And she's pregnant again! Oh, brother .....

  2. Did Momma come in? I love to watch kittens be born!


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