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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

MRI Results on my Back

The doctor came flying in the room (as usual) and said "No Cancer!!"  I just stared at her as my mind tried to register what she was talking about. Not once did I think of the word when I was getting the MRI on my back.  But to think, she was .... it's true, everything that gets tested will always have an underlying alert.

So, what are the results?

Trouble in the L4-L5 S1 area.

A pinched nerve, herniated disk, nerve roots, spinal stenosis.  I think I have some studying to do.  Treatment: steroids and some serious exercise for the back.  Sis, I need to blow up the ball.

At least I'm not crazy .... well, that's still debatable.

I will survive this too ~

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