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Monday, August 13, 2012

Rocky Mountain Oysters?

Today is just a bit chilly!  The sky is cloudy and the mist glides across the peaks. 

We made our way to the gas station to put air in the tires and then to Auto Zone to get a car battery and wiper blades.  Her car has been sitting for about two months since she now has a company SUV that she uses. 

They have a beautiful library.  We picked up some books and movies for those peaceful moments.  (this vacation is more rest & relaxation = R&R than go-go-go)

After that, she went on a call for work and Matt & I went to have lunch.

The Branding Iron
I had an excellent lunch of chicken and salad.  The ever-so-adventurous husband had Rocky Mountain oysters.  (you'll have to google that one)  He said it tasted like veal.  oh, my, my, my ~

Back at Casey's place for a bit ~ waiting to see how long the rain hangs around today or if we will just keep things simple for today. That's okay by me! Spending time with my girl is what matters to me :)

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