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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Beauty in Everything

Wow, can't believe how much I tackled tonight after work. I'm usually down for the count after dinner.  Got the kitchen table completely cleared (mail, flyers, this-n-that). 

Last March, Mandy helped me press some flowers from Rickie's spray.  I had 18 books stacked on the floor in the kitchen with newspaper and flowers neatly arranged between the pages to dry.  It worked well! There are some really beautiful and delicate dried flowers and I hope to create something special.  It's now July .... nice to have that clutter picked up! 

My grandma made a keepsake from my grandpa's funeral flowers.  That was back in 1974.  I still have it, as I'm sure my cousins do as well.

Any creative ideas out there?

Use to be bright yellow

My BFF's mother is on her own journey.  She shared a message she received and gave me permission to share it.  Beautiful ~

Your mom’s shaved head is her badge of courage and unity.  SO many women wear the same badge. Tell her to wear it proudly. It shouts out her spirit, bravery and strength.

Your tears (collectively) are the glue that comes straight from the heart and it binds you all together.  You are far stronger together than alone.  You have no idea how strong you CAN be.

The ache in your heart is actually a strong reminder that you can love others so much.  The more deeply you can love,  the more deeply you can ache.  Unfortunately you cannot have one side of the coin without the other.

Thoughts and prayers ALWAYS.

God Bless – Stay Strong – BE Well

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