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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Round 3

So, round 3 on Wednesday was SO much better.  I saw Dr R first and he was certain that I did not have an infection.  He did say that it was the beginning of the redness and tenderness that usually starts two weeks into treatment.  My skin is sensitive and I did warn them about that.   We discussed various creams and he said that they try to give out as many samples as possible (pricey) but they were all out.  The one packet I got the day before will have to due until more comes in.

Dr R also showed me  (my) photos of how the laser beam is hitting the treated areas and my lung is being totally by-passed.  To actually see it for myself makes it all worthwhile.  He was very polite and quizzed me on my physical health and the treatment itself.  I let him know some of the hard spots laying in that position.

Holly & Tim helped me get in position and this time, Tim didn't lock down the right side of my head.  I promised not to move and it was A LOT better.

It put me in a happy place of blue skies and green trees. 

Florida - Best boat ride EVER!

30 remaining!

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