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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Looking Forward

When all this cancer stuff began, blogging became good therapy for me.  To tell you the truth, it really helped keep dates and events organized.  Chemo brain still haunts me.  So, when I thought about the name of this blog, living in the moment was exactly what I was doing.  I had to learn from step 1 terminology and everything else a person has to comprehend when hearing those words "you have cancer".  Since I didn't have a crystal ball and I didn't know from day to day what was going to happen...perfect theme.

Now, I don't blog as often because a lot of the treatments, tests and appointments are done.  I'm still taking the Armidex (5 year pill), still see my oncologist every 3 months....and I'm sure tests will occur from time to time. 

Cancer took a whole year + some and I'm ready to move from "living in the moment" to something else.  A reoccurring phrase has been cropping up in my conversations with Christie
Looking Forward

She is in the middle of her treatments....first chemo, then surgery, next is radiation.  It was, and may still be, important in her journey to live in the moment but I think she is getting to the point of looking forward.  We had fun thinking them up.

Looking forward to ~

  • Having "my" time back again
  • Energy, strength
  • Hair!
  • Warmer weather
  • Taking walks with each other
  •  Living life!

And, there are others I have thought of .... what are you looking forward to?


  1. I think "Looking Forward" is a grand idea! I'm looking forward to you and Christie being well! I'm looking forward to graduation next week, being able to read again for pleasure and working on my house. ! :)

  2. Splendid! Those are great things to look forward to!!! :)


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