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Estrogen receptor-positive cancer - Here is how it began

Monday, March 5, 2012

Love & Support

This afternoon, Katrina hand delivered cards from work and most humbling, money from a fundraiser my co-workers organized and participated in.  We can't even put into words how grateful we are and how much we appreciate the love and support that we feel from so many wonderful people.  How blessed we are.  How honored we are to call them friends.  The waterworks flow easily now.

Food was also delivered too.... me? at a loss for words? ....

If I could climb to the top of a mountain, I would shout to the four corners of earth to proclaim GOD IS GOOD ... ALL THE TIME  and ALL THE TIME... GOD IS GOOD.

Getting Ready

We spent time writing about Rickie to have at the funeral home.  Tomorrow will be spent selecting from all the photos gathered and placing them on poster boards.  CD mix of music. Final touches on the memorial cards (picked out Thomas Kincaid).

Needless to say, a few more days off work ~

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