(photo of my sister's backyard fence...all photos are thru my lens)

This is just a way to express my thoughts as I walk this path and journey through as a breast canSURVIVOR.

Make cancer mad, just piss it off by misspelling it..... like "canzer"

In remission ~ December 2012

Invasive Moderately Differentiated Ductal Carcinoma T1cN0M0 Stage 1

Estrogen receptor-positive cancer - Here is how it began

About Me

On Dec 9, 2011, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. So, my journey began like so many other women. I hope to walk through this unknown roadmap with as much grace as I have seen others do. At 49, I've seen alot...been through alot and I know the best is yet to come. There is so much love and support from family and friends! And with my two daughters, Casey and Jasmine, and my knight in shining armor, Matt, we are holding God's hand as He guides us. We are just living in the moment.

My Family

I'm an amateur photographer and someday hope to "play" full time with my art. I got my first camera when I was 12 .... remember the 4-sided cube? That was just awesome!  I love Shutterfly and have made over a dozen books, lots of calendars for the family and some do-dads offered through the site.  I also have an on-line album for the family.  My grandmother also had a passion for photos and one of my projects is scanning all the photos onto my shutterfly site so all of the family can share/view them.

My husband and I adore our girls.  We are empty-nesters now and miss them to pieces. 



So, now that I can only nurture from far away, I focus more attention on our pets.  They are all rescued animals with their own unique story.


Moses was at the pound when my husband arrived a few minutes before closing.  He was a puppy and huddled in the corner.  They were going to put him down after closing hours....Matt snatched him up and took him home.  Hence, the name Moses, rescued from the river.  Rest in peace - May 25, 2013


Dee-Dee is my little girl.  We chose her from a Precious Lives animal rescue. Her name at P.L. was Double Dee because she had a dewclaw (extra claw high up on her leg) which we had surgically removed.  Once she came home, we shortened her name to Dee-Dee.  She is all black but as she is aging, the bottom of her snout is turning gray.  Just like her momma (if I had hair).  Rest in peace.


This is Smoke - 7 years old.  While Matt was visiting his dad some years back, he was sitting in his truck with the door open.  A little kitty came bouncing down the steps through the fog, jumped up into his lap, curled around and fell asleep. Needless to say, he brought her home.  Rest in Peace - November 2013


Lucky must weight 30 pounds.  He is like a small panther.  A friend of mine was selling her home in the country.  And, as a lot of people do, they dump unwanted litters in the country.  She tended to them, but because they were moving, she did her best to give each one of them a home (there were over 20).  We took Lucky.  At the time, he fit in the palm of my hand.  He is definitely mamma's boy.


Star is so precious to us.  When my sister moved to town with her two boys, she brought a litter that was abandoned in her yard.  We nursed them and decided to take her.   She is petite and has a unique purr.   Star is now in heaven with my dear sister. Rest in Peace - November 2013


Bailey is a rescue from our own neighborhood.  During the cold winter, she would jump up on our porch furniture and meow at the front window.  It didn't take me long to let her in.

It is not our plan to take in any more.....and my husband keeps a close eye on me when I see strays.  Just like the one I saw tonight after we left the restaurant......

Update: 9/23/2012

It wasn't me this time! It was the hubby!

Mr Blue
This little guy has no fear! He just sashays from room to room oblivious of the other cats hissing at him.  That will subside.  You could tell this was a boy from day one (use your imagination).

Muffin (as in Rag-a-muffin)

Muffin is Mr Blue's sister.  He is very protective of her.  When they were outside cats, he chased away other large male cats roaming the neighborhood.  We started to get worried when we saw a few raccoons.  As the temperature dropped and these little ones' safety came into question, we made the decision to bring them in.

I knew it was going to happen sooner or later!

Update: 2013

Muffin - all grown up

Blue - all grown up

Summer 2013 -   Bailey has the same momma as Muffin & Blue (but they are from different litters).  Now, momma had another litter of kittens. Momma and kids went to live on a farm, but this 3rd set included Blackie, who stayed behind.


In all ~ 5 cats and 1 dog .... makes for great entertainment!