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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 2 - after Chemo #3

I slept most of Saturday away.  Trying to keep the pain under control, which means that I fall asleep a lot taking pain medication.  That's okay. Sleep is helping my body recover too.

Starting the coumadin again .... Just 1 pill! then 1-1/2.  I just took 7 different pills, so you can see how confusing this can be.

My sister/husband made dinner for us tonight.  It was fabulous and I could taste it! I'm spoiled rotten.

I'm so behind on thank you cards and letter writing.  I want to send a note to my Aunt Midge this weekend.  I use to be an excellent pen-pal (before computers).  We moved so many times during my school years and I loved to write my friends.  It is a lost art.  With quick e-mails and instant texting, the rich flavor of words have disappeared.  I use to write short stories and use descriptive words.... I liked the poem I wrote of my sister.  Visual.


May God Bless you today ~

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  1. hope aunt christie makes me something yummy when i come to visit ;) you are spoiled lol keep those meds straight and stay like sleeping beauty xoxoxo


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