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Monday, January 16, 2012

Just Chop it Off ~

Today is Day 4 after chemo.  Better than Day 3 .... but that "better" didn't happen until early evening.  The pain in my joints have lessened. The queasy feeling is still there.  Now I know the days I'll probably miss work.  Thursday and Monday.  Today, was like a mac truck hit me.

Oh well, life keeps going on.

My sister hooked me up with a friend who cuts hair.  Debbie was very gracious to come over to my home to "get 'er done".  It shocked me looking in the mirror ... I saw Cathy. 

Just a short cut to get use to being shiny as a cue ball.  Once my hair starts falling out, Matt is going to shave it for me.  He wants to give me a Mr T look first.  Boys ~

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  1. Yes I saw Cathy as soon as I saw the picture...youre mom and aunt at the same time lol


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